Let the ice-pedition begin!

We are delighted to announce you that our yellow Freezy Frames will soon meet the world.

The Swiss city of Lugano is the first to adhere to our project. On July 14th, we will officially install our Freezy Frame on top of Monte San Salvatore in the presence of local authorities. From there, you will be able to recogn.ice and be mesmer.iced by 16 glaciers located in Piedmont, Wallis and Berne.

The mobile frame (see image above) has also been produced thanks to your generous contributions via our crowd-funding campaign. We are currently conducting discussions with various places in Switzerland in order to have it rotating over a longer period of time, highlighting thereby many glaciers among the 1’462 existing ones.

Stay tuned for the first images taken in Lugano and further details about the journey of our mobile frame!

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