Our first tangible project is the installation of multiple large scale picture frames with spectacular glaciated backdrops, spread over Switzerland.

These frames will catch the attention of thousands of hikers and cyclists and give them the little push needed to not just look at an Alpine panorama, but to actually see the glaciers. The design of the frame invites people to pose, take a snapshot and share their pictures online!

We are working together with Swiss Design Award winner Sebastian Marbacher and are very proud about installing our first frame on top of Monte San Salvatore, the Top of Lugano, in the summer of 2020. Until then, we will avidly carry around the small scale versions of our frame!

Freezy Frame locations

World’s first frame will be installed on the summit of Monte San Salvatore, the Top of Lugano, in the summer of this year. We are working hard to get Freezy Frames on more locations. If you have ideas regarding interesting spots, please let us know!

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An eye for ice