You made it – now we’ll make it!

Dear friends,

You made it, now we’ll make it! Absolutely fantastic!

Thanks to your generosity, we have reached our goal and raised the necessary funds to create a Frame that will both highlight and inform on our spectacular frozen surroundings.

Our project has convinced people beyond icy territories: not only have we seen support coming from countries with glaciers such as Switzerland, Pakistan, France, Norway (including Spitsbergen), the USA, Germany or Russia, but also from others like the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the UK, and even Senegal! This outreach proves us that there is a demand for a worldwide recognition of the ever-changing cryosphere.

In the coming weeks, we will knock on the door of the relevant authorities and ask for their authorization to install the Frame. We will duly keep you updated.

Your warm trust means a lot to our icy hearts. Thank you!

The board,

Jochem, Larissa & Timothée 

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