Swiss cable car of Fiescheralp-Eggishorn stopped due to permafrost thawing

Permafrost is an important display of the cryosphere: it is ground, including rock or soil, with a temperature that remains at or below the freezing point of water (0 °C) for at least two years.

Two days ago, thawing of local permafrost led to the immediate shutdown of the famous Fiescheralp-Eggishorn cable car in the Swiss canton of Valais, whose gondolas lead to a viewpoint that enables you to admire and the full length of the Aletsch Glacier, the longest glacier (22 km) of the entire Alps. 

A subsidence of the land was observed. This subsidence was said to be detected during a routine check. The shutdown was decided on the basis of an analysis carried out on October 4th by the company’s technical department and external specialists. The measure was taken with immediate and preventive effect. Structural adaptations will have to compensate for the lowering of the ground and re-enable the cable car operation to take tourists up to the amazing viewpoint.


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