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Why should I care about ice?

From tiny glaciers on African volcanoes to gigantic ice masses in the Antarctic and from wintry canals in Amsterdam to the permanently frozen tundra in Siberia. Ice is everywhere! Together, all this cold stuff forms the cryosphere, an important component of the climate system.

Our world is changing and all over the planet, this change is expressed in different ways. However, the melting cryosphere appears to be the most visible indicator of environmental change. Over the last few decades we have observed an ongoing retreat of glaciers across the globe, we have experienced shorter winter sport seasons, and the extent of Arctic sea ice has drastically declined.

We, a young bunch of natural scientists and journalists, truly believe that recognition is key to care. This is why, in January 2019, we felt the urgency to launch “”; a nonprofit organisation for the recognition of this cryosphere. Our team is committed to accomplish that one goal: for people around the world to recognise, understand and ultimately care for all frozen parts of our planet.

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