About is a global non-profit organisation for the recognition of all frozen water: glaciers, ice sheets, icebergs, snow, sea ice and even permafrost. Our mission is to make you (yes, you) recognise, understand and ultimately care about those cold, icy features on our planet.

Fortunately for us, glacier and Co. are extremely photogenic! That is why we see no better way to initiate a spark of ‘global ice awareness’ than to exploit the visual feast that the frozen planet offers. We want YOU to help us!

Become a part’ice’pant and share your ice-cold pictures and videos by uploading them to this website and on social media using #recognice.

With being in its infancy, we’ll keep you posted on all the multidisciplinary projects and updates to come. Expect interactive maps using your beautiful pictures, look out for attractive data visualisations and prepare for ice cold photo competitions!

For all your icy pictures, start using #recognice now!

Freezy Frames

Our first tangible project will be the installation of 25 large scale picture frames with spectacular glaciated backdrops.

These frames will catch the attention of thousands of hikers and cyclists and give them the little push needed to not just look at an Alpine panorama, but to actually see the glaciers. The design of the frame invites people to pose, take a snapshot and share their pictures online!

We are working together with Swiss designer Sebastian Marbacher and are very proud of installing our first frame on top of Monte San Salvatore, the Top of Lugano, in March 2020.

If you have any questions regarding the Freezy Frames, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Nota bene: this picture representing a freezy frame is a mock-up image.


The Team

The Team

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