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Frozen water presents itself in many forms: glaciers, sea ice, permafrost, snow... All these ingredients together form the cryosphere, a hugely important component of the climate system.


Glaciologists and climatologists around the globe are giving their all for groundbreaking, yet ice-healing research. We provide transparent funding, so they can proceed with highly essential studies.


During droughts, glaciers are essential sources of fresh water in Asia. Their shrinkage calls for urgent action to secure a sustainable supply of farming and drinking water for a billion people.

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As a member, you

  • help to restore our frozen planet
  • subsidise urgent research
  • generate sustainable water supplies
  • have a freezin’-positive impact on climate
  • stay up to date about the cryosphere

Questions we can readily answer

We are all emitting greenhouse gasses (CO2, methane, etc.), if we like it or not. The average Swiss person emits the equivalent of 5 ton of CO2 per year. Research shows that a ton of CO2 is responsible for the melt of about 3m2 of sea ice. That means that the emissions of the average Swiss person, are melting 15m2 of Arctic sea ice.

By signing up with, you support the research that is needed to restore sea ice, keep glaciers from melting and provide drinking water to glacier dependent regions. That’s freezin positive!

Because we believe there is scientists out there that can fight the climate crisis by saving the ice, the majority of your money (50%), goes into The Cryo Fund. Scientists from all over the world can apply for grants by convincing us with their initiatives. All money is this fund will go to science, guaranteed.

40% of your money will go to adaptation initiatives. These are meant for regions where people are directly glacier-dependent. Think of water filters and pumps, but also ingenious solutions like Ice Stupas.

The remaining 10% of your membership fee is used as running cost for

We pledge to be fully transparent. Once the money starts coming in we will post our budget on this website, for everybody to see. is supported by the

World Glacier Monitoring Service

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