The Team

Our senior team consists of the three board members: Jochem Braakhekke, Larissa de Palézieux dit Falconnet and Timothée Beckert. Befriended for many years now, we form a very complementary trio amazed by the beauty of glaciers where our academic, biking and hiking activities take us again and again. With the necessary scientific and field knowledge, a high command of data visualization and solid tights to both media and policy-makers, we are positive we can bring forward and raise glacial awareness.

Jochem Braakhekke

Founder, CEO, glaciologist

Originally from the Netherlands, Jochem has developed a natural connection with the alpine environment. His field experience with glaciers all over the globe brings the invaluable knowledge and full understanding of the past and upcoming developments of the cryosphere, hence a true credibility to advocate. He’s currently serving as a polar expedition guide in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Jochem holds a bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Amsterdam and a master’s degree in Earth Science from ETH Zürich, with glaciology and geology as his main fields of study.

Larissa de Palézieux

Co-founder, Head of Data Analytics

Her excellent knowledge of many geoscience programs (Topotoolbox (Matlab), ArcGIS, ENVI, SEEP/W (GeoSlope Ltd.), RocScience, Rockyfor3D) will enable our site to present a cartography of Swiss glaciers in a unique way. She is currently a doctoral student in engineering geology at ETH Zürich, focusing on the rockslide activity in the High Himalaya of Bhutan. Larissa also holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from EPFL and a master’s degree in Engineering Geology from ETH Zürich. Born in Switzerland, she speaks fluent French, English, Italian, German and Swiss-German.

Timothée Beckert

Co-founder, Head of External Relations

His understanding of the Swiss media and political landscapes, coupled with a very solid network crafted by numerous club memberships, is a guarantee for to have its message heard at the four corners of the country. An ex-journalist and communications expert (PR, CSR, lobbying), Timothée holds a master’s degree in European Politics from the University of Strasbourg and a master’s degree in Management from the University of Tübingen. Born in France, he speaks fluent French, English, Italian, Spanish, German and Swiss-German.

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