Swiss cable car of Fiescheralp-Eggishorn stopped due to permafrost thawing


Permafrost is an important display of the cryosphere: it is ground, including rock or soil, with a temperature that remains at or below the freezing point of water (0 °C) for at least two years. Two days ago, thawing of local permafrost led to the immediate shutdown of the famous Fiescheralp-Eggishorn cable car in the Swiss canton of Valais, […] at the Climate March in Bern

On September 28th, the Climate March in Bern marked the Swiss end of the Global Week for Future, during which actions and demonstrations took place all around the world. We were among the 100’000 participants who had joined the rally on that bright shining day of autumn. Determination and enthusiasm could be seen on every […]

Glaciers highlighted by Swiss public television

Last week, Swiss public television presented a series of comprehensive reports on the evolution of glaciers on its regional channels RTS and RSI. For a week, the French-speaking channel RTS gave the floor to teenagers in its series “Au temps des glaciers” (journalists: Laurent Dufour, Flore Dussey, Elisa Casciaro). Successively exploring the Plaine-Morte Glacier (in […]